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My day without Facebook


Who would guess a few years ago that one website can have such an enormous impact on our everyday lives?  A bunch of colleague students created a platform that engaged millions of people everywhere and managed to steal the show off Skype and Messenger. These days Facebook is a massive and powerful tool for information sharing and communication.

It can be both really positive and far negative. I seriously cannot make up my mind what I think about it. Love it or Loathe it? At the end of the day it’s both a negative and a positive invention. I like the fact that I can see what is going on in the lives of my friends and family back home in Bulgaria. Facebook is very helpful when I have to contact people abroad, and I have to because I live in England. I don’t even want to start discussing the effect it has on my studies and specifically my concentration towards it, because it gives me a headache.

It’s the end of the term and my work is piling up, so I decided to make a little experiment with my will and myself.  One day without Facebook! Yes, you heard me right… 1 whole day!  So I asked my boyfriend to change my password and here it’s me and my no facebook life.


I woke up fairly early around 8am, I made myself coffee, turned on my laptop and I thought what people do first when they don’t have a facebook account.  So I went to the newsagency and bought the Guardian and a pack of pistachio nuts. I managed to read the whole newspaper, for less time than usual and without being distracted, by a stupid link someone shared on fb.

At 10am I was done with my breakfast and news and I had the whole day ahead of me.  I was supposed to meet a friend for a shopping trip, but I couldn’t facebook her about the time, so I called her and it felt so nice to actually hear her voice. Here I was, socializing out of the social network.

I spent a beautiful day outdoors, it was sunny and warm… Yes I was in England! After it, I went home opened my laptop, and there wasn’t anything to check so I decided to study: D And I did so. Three hours of studying, without being interrupted by the idea to check if I have a new friend request. It was so productive and I felt satisfied with myself.

Around 9ish a few friends called me and I didn’t have to say no, because I had to study. I managed to go out and actually communicate with friends.


What is my experience of a day without Facebook?

Great! I saved all those 10-15 mins on Facebook, and built a few hours time outdoors with my friends and I loved it.  I sometime think of deleting my account there, because I waste so much time without even realizing it. The truth is, I need it. Important part of my life is my friends back home, and Facebook has been quite helpful here. But, guys the life outside the network is so much more beautiful and meaningful… Embrace it!




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